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The Pagan Wheel of the Year, consisting of eight holidays, follows an agricultural and herding tradition, and it marks three autumn harvest festivals. Lughnassad (pronounced: LOO-nah-sah; the Irish “Lunassa” means “August”) is the first harvest. It is celebrated in late July or early August, most commonly on or near August 1. This festival is associated with the growing grain, the Celtic god Lugh, and personal harvests.

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mabon ladyMabon is the pagan celebration of the Autumnal Equinox. It is the Pagan Thanksgiving, the Middle Harvest when the fall fruits–apples, pumpkins, winter squash, and field corn for the cattle–are brought in from the fields and orchards. Mabon is one of two days each year when the periods of light and darkness are perfectly balanced. The passage into the year's dark time has begun, although the summer heat from Lugh and other sun gods will remain in the land for another month, allowing time to complete the final harvest by Samhain.

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